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How Do We Work

WTS Infotech - Website Deisgn and Development company

How Do We Work

With a belief of treating every individual as equal in our company we prefer in observing decentralization in our company. Right from top to bottom, every individual here is treated equally, with equal importance given to his views and suggestions.

Based on concept of Total Quality Management, our employees strive every day for maximizing the returns and minimizing the cost. The output delivered undergoes numerous testing before finally making it viral.

Thus hereby we provide you with a brief overview of our working process-

  • Briefing- Our work process starts with client briefing, whereby after sealing the deal, we connect with our client to understand the client's needs, specific requirements and expected ROI(Returns On Investment)
  • Research- To gain a concrete understanding of our client's product, we opt for undergoing a detailed research of product's target audience, features, USP of product, benefits, existing position of the product and chalk out a report on basis of our findings.
  • Strategy development- Research phase helps us to chalk out creative strategies and accordingly facilitate development of suitable strategies for different social networking mediums. The strategy development phase concludes with generation of blue print that provides site map, providing an overview of website.
  • Strategy Implementation- With reference to blue print being prepared, the task of matching brand personality with suitable application of typography, colour harmonies and web layouts is being undertaken.
  • Designing- With strategic implementation phase final layout of website is being developed. Measures are taken to ensure that a harmony is being maintained by use of similar elements throughout your website.
  • Application- This phase determines placing of finalised web designs into the prototype with help of latest CSS3 techniques. Modern techniques are used to ensure that your website is updated with all the modern amenities and is scalable for its target audience.
  • Testing- To avoid bug issues and compatibility issues, we opt for subjecting your website to cross browser testing and cross device compatibility. The phase of testing helps to eliminate loopholes if any.
  • Blending- This phase marks the fine tuning of content with visuals and helps to enhance your website's look, thus making it look meaningful and attractive. In case the content already exists, polishing of content is done to revamp the website.
  • Handing over the control- Once your website is ready, we hand over the control of website to you. With user friendly dashboard and effective synchronization between frontend and backend, we ensure that even slightest of things are being organized and function efficiently.
  • Going Viral- Finally your website is ready to go viral. Don't worry to keep things organised we prepare a plan reflecting details of SEO management as well as a process of archiving and promoting your brand new website.
  • Evaluation and Monitoring- Once your website goes viral, our work is not finished yet. We subject your website to periodic checks to ensure that expected results are being delivered by your website.

  • To sum up our working process, we research, strategize, implement and evaluate your website, so that maximum ROI are being received.

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